Business that you can find in Tijuana

Tijuana has become one of the most entrepreneurial cities in Mexico, with different successful businesses that increasingly generate more income in the country.


We will tell you which businesses you can find the most in this city, in case you are thinking of starting your own company.


Restaurants, a high quality venture


In Tijuana you will find a good number of restaurants, which have different specialties. Of course, the base of them are traditional foods, such as spicy foods, burritos, flautas, nachos with cheese, waters and other delicacies of Mexican food, however, there are also international food restaurants: French, Italian, Colombian, and Spanish among others, so you will have many options to start your own business.


Cosmetic clinics, a good option


In Tijuana there are a good number of cosmetic clinics, in fact, many tourists come to the city, because there are excellent references regarding the quality of the results.


Liposuction in Tijuana, is one of the most sought after in cosmetic clinics, because professionals performed them, it has had many clients from all over the world, who are going to give your body the arrangement that you need and, in addition, you can enjoy the beautiful Mexican landscapes while you recover.


Retirement homes, the new time to invest

Retirement homes in Mexico are also one of the businesses that you will find the most in Tijuana, since there are a good number of them, especially because the climate is very pleasant, and the landscapes are extremely beautiful.


There are many large villas in the area, and, for European pensioners, life on this continent is very economical, allowing them to pay much more with their money, therefore, they usually leave their homes in Europe, and pay their monthly payment in the houses of retreat in Mexico, where they will receive all the necessary care for the elderly, including medical treatment, recreation, and food.


Definitely a flourishing business that will become increasingly prosperous in Tijuana.


Tourist houses in Tijuana

Tijuana’s tourist houses are much more sought after than hotels, this happens because they have many amenities, some of them have their own pool, tour guides, food preparation and, in addition, they can be hired for days, weeks or months, without having an extra charge, being quite practical for those who are going to be in the city for a long time, for example, people who attend there for medical treatments.

Another business that is beginning to pay off in Tijuana are ice cream shops because due to the heat, children and adults love to eat these foods, which are known as nieves or helados in the city. As you can see, there are many options to start a business in Tijuana, and that can have excellent results, thanks to the fact that its main clients are tourists, so you will always have a good way to acquire money if you invest in these businesses in Mexico.