Customer service and its importance

Each one of the clients tends to have a different way of behaving, even with the same product, and a good quality of service must be provided for all, both during the sale itself and in the post-sale, which is usually the time that most contributes to the customers loyalty.


A happy customer is undoubtedly a source of better business

Worth-of-mouth advertising is an important source for establishing a firm, which will advance and remain in force for many years, it is an issue that everyone in the company must take into consideration.


For example, if a client has any difficulties, a timely solution must be given to their problems, so they can understand that their time is valuable, and that it is extremely important for your company to serve them quickly and in a timely manner.


Tips to improve your customer service

Building a trustworthy relationship with your customers depends on developing customer service skills, so representatives of these types of activities can be trained to ask the right questions and get the answers you need from customers. Many times, good customer service will make them loyal immediately.

Carry out an employee satisfaction survey, as this will allow you to listen to them, and know what they think about the company and the way in which customers are handled, anonymously, which will allow you to have a greater facility to apply new customer service and attention strategies.


A home specialized in retire in Baja California will have a very different service from what a dentist who has services like dental braces in Tijuana can offer, for example, customer service must be different, since both the products as the services offered are totally different, therefore, you must have the possibility of serving both types of customers, so, to provide a good experience, you must first be extremely clear about the services you offer, especially after-sales , for example, how long does the guarantee of your products cover, under what conditions does the guarantee become effective, etc.


So, first establish the warranty conditions and then communicate them to the customer during the purchase, likewise, with the returns process, in case you sell products, in the case of services, customers must know exactly what it will cover and even where, for example, in the case of insurance companies this should be clarified to the maximum, so that customers later are not speaking badly of your business, for not understanding the conditions initially.


You must always be able to provide personalized attention to your clients, for example, solving all their doubts, in case they have them, and although an answering machine or boot will be a good idea, you should always have a telephone number where an advisor answers, as some people like this personalized treatment better.


Good customer service is extremely important for all companies and businesses, so don’t forget to always keep it in mind.